30cgg oviedomay, 12-14, 2021

All kinds of face-to-face (non-essential) activities have been officially cancelled at the University of Oviedo until April, 5th, 2021. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the situation will change around that time. Attending to this announcement, we are bound to conclude that the conditions to prepare and to celebrate the 30th Colloquium of Generative Grammar face-to-face are not met, as we would have preferred. From now on, we will start working towards the best virtual environment to conduct the meeting. As soon as possible, we will renew the Colloquium’s web page and you will periodically receive relevant information and instructions.

We regret the disappointment that this may cause. We are committed to holding the first virtual CGG in the most enriching way possible.

Pictures by perropampa™

The pictures of the mobile sculptures are by perropampa™, based on the pieces of the exhibition "La razón entusiasmada", by Faustino López

Campus de Humanidades, Edificio Departamental y Aulario A, 23.05.19-13.11.19 

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