The pictures of the mobile sculptures are by perropampa™, based on the pieces of the exhibition "La razón entusiasmada", by Faustino López. Campus de Humanidades, Edificio Departamental y Aulario A, 23.05.19-13.11.19 

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Guest speakers

Barbara Höhle

(Universität Potsdam)


Francisco Ordóñez

(Stony Brook University)


The CGG is an annual conference that has been held in Spain, Portugal, and France since 1991. In this conference, linguists from all over the world discuss the latest proposals on the syntax, semantics and phonology of natural languages within the generative framework. The CGG is one of the main conferences on this topic in Europe. The 30th Colloquium on Generative Grammar (CGG) will be held at the Universidad de Oviedo (Asturias), on May 15-13th, 2020, as an initiative of the DALiV group.

Colloquium of Generative Grammar 


13-15 May

a DALiV initiative

a DALiV initiative  


Desenvolupament, adquisició i mecanismes de variació lingüística


In collaboration with

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